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Thu, Jul. 21st, 2005, 08:53 am

It's really windy outside. I mention this only because there was just a huge gust of wind and it definitely sounded like a missile just flew by.

So Tuesday night we just ended up at Patton's eating cookies and watching The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants ha...well it wasn't so bad but I'm glad I didn't pay for it. Greece looks nice though but this girl totally lost her virginity on a beach and I kept thinking that that must have been uncomfortable. But it was nice to hang out with them even though I got home at least an hour later then I wanted to and was just so tired... I wake up ALL the time in the night to turn over, it's getting annoying. and I keep having harry potter dreams...or maybe they're not, I don't know. harry and draco are SO going to hook up though. It's crazy sexy tension. YES.
You know JK Rowling made 25 million pounds the NIGHT that that book came out?

Last night we went over to the mcallister's for dinner and had chinese food. It was nice, but they eat really politely and I wanted thirds but no one else got up and they would all eat one bite and then put down their forks and I wanted to cry because I'm always the first to finish eating. Damn this voracious appetite. China King is back on the list of food places to hit up the first couple of days in the land of the free...plus wendy's and 711. And Taco Bell because people say that's good.