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Thu, Jul. 21st, 2005, 02:41 pm
Thursdays are bad days...

I took Julia to Wagamama for lunch today and as warned, we ran into some kids from school...but it was nice to see the Emo Princess one last time. And I guess her floppy haired boyfriend, too.

As we were walking back into the building, she noted that there were a lot of people on the stairs making calls. I didn't think much of it, since there are always people waiting around out there. I came back into my office, and all the people were gathered into little groups talking...I got a little nervous, but I stood there waiting to be filled in and nothing happened and then they started talking about drinking and hen parties. I went about my business and while walking away from the copy machine, finally saw on TV that there've been more explosions, but like, really small ones. Like firecrackers, they said, but they're bomb detonators. And they've closed down a few Tube lines again.
Okay, not a huge deal, but you'd think they could've told me.
We watched the news in the boss's office, punctuating Tony Blair's press conference with talk about cricket, codenames and flurried arguments about the actresses in Top Gun.

What an ominous day. My dad and I got on the bus this morning, a bus that is usually packed and sweaty. Today we were the only ones on it. I got kind of creeped out, but there you go. Foreshadowing in reality.

BUT James is a soldier and so our plans to see Madagascar tonight are still on. HELLZ YES, TAKE THAT TERRORISTS I FEAR YOU NOT. Cuz you know, they might pop out of the flower bushes in that alley on the way to the theater.